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CodeRealm Corporation provides applications engineering support cost-effectively. Assume "XYZ Company" has a total of 2000 vending machines installed in a region. XYZ Company realizes that they can save substantial maintenance costs, and increased revenue by utilizing "Invisible Business" services provided by CodeRealm Corporation (service cost approximately $1 per day per machine). The problem is that none of the 2000 vending machines currently installed are connected to the internet and in fact do not even have any sensors and/or interface for collecting the machine information and sending through an Internet connection.

Applications Engineering provided by CodeRealm Corporation can obtain the relevant technical information from the various vending machine manufacturers. The technical information will be used to specify sensors and interface requirements, contract a PC-board house to build the interface, and provide a kit with installation instructions for each vending machine. XYZ Company can simply schedule their own service personnel to install the sensors and interfaces. The cost per machine is approximately $260 (installation and parts).

Note: All costs and pricing are examples only. Each situation must be considered on it own merits.