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CodeRealm Corporation’s solutions impact the vending machine industry by providing accurate real-time sales and machine status information on-demand or automatically. Our solutions can help you manage and control your vending machine service, products, and repairs. Vending machine service includes route drivers, money collection, restocking merchandise, new labels for new products, and simple machine cleanliness. Vending machine maintenance and repairs assure proper operations and longevity. Vending machine product inventory and selection is one of the most important revenue factors. Keeping the right products, at the right place, at the right time, can maximize your vending machines’ revenue potential.

A continuously available, competitively priced product selection tuned to a particular market location having plenty of potential consumers maximizes revenue. Take the guesswork out of tuning the product selection quantities to a particular market location. Reduce the tuning process from several weeks down to a few days. Because the tuning process is automatic and continuous, each location is at optimum tune most of the time, which maximizes revenue.

In a perfect world perfect tuning would have all products run out at the same time exactly when the perfect schedule had someone arrive to restock resulting in 100% sales and 0% lost-sales. In the real world a 100% tuning is not possible but much better than 50% is certainly necessary. A completely empty machine at restock time begs the questions, “How long has it been out? How many sales did I loose? Do I need higher capacity machines, more machines or simply an adjustment to the restock schedule? Is doing nothing the best option?”

Currently, diligent attention and hard work can achieve operations into the 80% range. The average range will be less because tuning takes several weeks and should be done at least once each season. Attempting to push much beyond the 80% level increases the chances of lost-sales, and increased labor, machine, equipment, fuel, and other operational costs begins to cancel subsequent revenue increases.

In the CodeRealm world you can expect an operational average to exceed 90%! Imagine having most machines sell 90% of their product selections with no selections being completely sold-out at restock time. Real-time sales information and accurate sales history allows CodeRealm to provide a dynamic view of sales from any machine and adjust orders, schedules, and other operations for optimum performance. Restock and service routes can use a seven-way routing system that can dynamically adjust to include radically different restock intervals while optimizing path for best time and or distance. These advantages lead to fewer lost-sales, increased revenue, and lower labor, machine, equipment, fuel, and other operational costs.

Real-time machine operational status information collected and analyzed by CodeRealm can result in immediate knowledge of a machine malfunction. Discovering a completely or nearly full machine at normal restock time resulting in lost-sales revenue for one, two or more weeks can be avoided. Detailed machine operational status and accurate maintenance history can provide enough information soon enough to see a problem in the making, allowing prompt corrective action to prevent many of the machine malfunctions. Timely and accurate information decreases problem diagnosis time and increased accuracy further reducing machine downtime. Increased sales means increased wholesale order quantities and better quantity discounts, providing another significant decrease in costs.

The competition for the very best locations with highest pedestrian traffic is extremely high and therefore very expensive. Usually, only name-brand companies can afford those locations because they “write-off” the expense to advertising. Smaller independent companies can compete because CodeRealm Corporation’s solutions impact the vending machine industry by providing accurate real-time sales and machine status information on-demand or automatically.

See our demos navigational tab for a vending machine industry demonstration. Contact us directly to adapt our solutions to your needs.